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Samuel Hitt Elbert

The picture of the gentleman to the left is that of Samuel Hitt Elbert (S.H. Elbert). Samuel Hitt Elbert was born in Logan County Ohio on April 3, 1833. Elbert graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1854, then moved to Nebraska to start his own law practice. It was his invitation to the Republican National Convention in Chicago that made it possible for him to meet the future Colorado Governor, Dr. John Evans. When Evans became Colorado Governor, Elbert became his Secretary who in 1865 led the second and third volunteer regimens against the Confederacy as well as the Native Americans.
Samuel was elected Secretary in 1870, then Chairman of the Republican Territorial Central Committee in 1872. On April 4, 1873 President Ulysses S. Grant appointed Samuel Hitt Elbert as the Governor of Colorado. After less than a year, in 1874, President Grant removed Elbert from office.
Samuel Hitt Elbert was nominated for a seat as one of Colorado’s Supreme Court Judges in 1887, in which he held until 1889. From 1879 to 1883 Elbert held the position of State Supreme Court’s Chief Justice.
Samuel Hitt Elbert passed away Novembert 27, 1899 and is buried in Denver, Colorado.


The town of Elbert, County of Elbert, and Mt. Elbert were all named after this man!

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