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James  R. "Jim" Jones

James"Jim" Jones is an author and Vermont native who found a passion for the Denver & New Orleans Railroad, the exact railway that years ago ran  right through the town of Elbert. Jim recently wrote a sequel to his original sold out book, "Denver & New Orleans Railroad: In the Shadow of the Rockies" named "Colorado & Southern Railway's D&NO Route" which is out now! His books feature many stories about Elbert and gives insight into what Elbert was prior to the flood of 1935. 

The story below is a short autobiography written by the author of these amazing books, it can also be found at the bottom of the page in PDF format for you to download and read at your leisure. 

Although the "Denver & New Orleans Railroad: In the Shadow of the Rockies" has been sold out for many years now (it can sometimes be found on eBay) , Jim still has a limited supply of his new sequel, "Colorado and Southern Railway's D&NO Route" left , along with two DVD documentaries about the railroad on his website!


Click on the link below!

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James "Jim" R. Jones Continues Love Affair with Local History

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